How’re things?

I haven’t posted much to facebook or to my blog in a few days because I have been under the weather. It began with stomach problems related to my gallbladder followed by perhaps a pinched nerve? I’m not certain, but I could not lift my left arm, or turn my head or really bend over… it was not a good set of days. Lots of Icy Hot and a large amount of sleep later and while I’m not quite right as rain I can sit at my computer without crying out in pain. Progress!

Today, as I anxiously await my Boost to arrive (read: impatient!), I thought I would shed a little light on exactly what it is after mentioning it a few posts ago and how different I felt after just taking one day’s worth of supplements. How different did I feel? Well… go back and read this post to find out!

So, what is Boost? Boost is an additional supplement meant to be a companion to Slim that quite literally boosts and amps up the weight loss and helps with increasing energy so you can burn more calories, exercise more, perform better at work, spend more time outside with nieces/nephews/offspring… whatever it is that you need. For me, that’s exactly what it did.

I mentioned before that caffeine and I have a difficult relationship. Some years ago, while working for a well known cell service provider and working insanely early hours, I developed an energy drink habit. I would stop on my way to work and buy a coffee flavored tall boy and then would have an after lunch coffee to help me finish my day. Headaches would have been the welcome problem over what developed. I began to feel little flutters in my chest, that eventually progressed into large flutters and brief dizzy spells. I was referred to a cardiologist and was required to carry around a little box with me for a day that had these … well. Here, magic of the internet. I shall show you.

(Disclaimer: That is not me.)

Diagnosis: Heart palpitations. Prognosis: Will continue while consuming energy drinks/coffee. Prescription: Stop. – So I have. I will drink a pop on a rare occasion, but that is the limit of my caffeine exposure since then. This is why I wanted to be so careful. Let’s take a closer look at those ingredients.

50mg Calcium Glycinate – A more absorbent form of calcium.
30mg Vitamin B6 – Helps with nervous system and metabolic processes.
20mg Niacin – AKA Vitamin B3, helps convert carbohydrates into fuel.
1.5mg Chromium Picolinate – Lowers cholesterol and helps with managing blood sugars.
500mgc Vitamin B12 – Lots and lots of benefits.
400mgc Folic Acid– AKA Vitamin B9, not just for pregnant women, more conversions of food into energy.

Caralluma Fimbriata Extract – Appetite depressant.
Citrus Reticulata/Nelumbo Nucifera Higenamine – Bits of tangerine peel and lotus seeds that form a stimulant.
Yerba Mate Extract – A stimulant.
Green Tea Extract – A stimulant, used to treat obesity and many, many other maladies.

NuFLOW – A powder stabilizer and also used to make some pill capsules.

I did some research on all the listed ingredients and included a link for each, providing locations to read up more if you so wish.  I know I learned quite a bit! And to conclude, Pandora has decided to chip in a parting song. I chuckled out loud when this began playing because hungry eyes is exactly what I’m hoping Boost will prevent me from having.

Until next time!

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